About Us

a single word that keeps the world moving!

We all have aspirations for our brand, irrespective of where we stand today, and want to ensure, our brand journey continues in the right direction. Irrespective of whether your brand is new or a market leader, there is a constant need for evolution. Whatever are the aspirations for your business and your brand, there is a need for expertise to make sure these aspirations become a reality with minimal effort.

Formed in 2005, AURAA, a full service advertising agency based in Mumbai, started with a clear vision to provide easy access to state-of-the-art integrated marketing solutions: Marketing Communication, Advertising, Corporate Events & Exhibition and Merchandise. At AURAA, we always strive to work with our clients as partners with a prime focus on providing advertising solutions that meet their needs.

We have worked with various clients across a wide array of industries, including Automobile, Banking and Finance, Coal and Mining, Real Estate, Films, Consultancy and Outsourcing, FMCG, Food and Wine, Clothing and Apparel to name a few. Some of our clientele includes Axis Bank, Max Life Insurance, Volkswagen India, McNROE, TranservPvt. Ltd., Mccoy Architectural Systems and Vintage Wines Pvt. Ltd. (Reveilo).

So aspire, and let the experts help you fulfil these aspirations. Come join the movement to the next level today!

  • Vision

    To be the solution provider of choice for every need we cater to, without losing the personal touch.

  • Mission

    To enhance our creativity, maintain relation building and continue providing timely and exceptional service.

    Continue to expand into providing other solutions in the advertising industry.

    Be the employer of choice by providing staff the platform to be creative and follow their passion.